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The House of Commons is not fit to have a say on COVID-19 restrictions

The House of Commons is not fit to have a say on COVID-19 restrictions

Liam October 7, 2020
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Until now, we have seen Keir Starmer supporting measures that the Government has put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19. We are told that they aren’t having an effect by the dribbling commentariat of social media; more informed sources suggest that they are. The Rule of Six and a 10pm closing time for restaurants (and most certainly pubs) are supported by scientific evidence.

We’ve seen a dozen or so of the Awkward Squad on both the Tory and Labour backbenches vote to repeal the Coronavirus Act. That is, they want the freedom to go around infecting you, and probably your mother, your brother, your uncle, or your grandmother, who might have underlying health conditions.

They don’t care about you. They care about their freedom to do as they please in this national crisis. Comparing the closest threat that we had when we had a visible enemy — i.e. WWII — if we experienced the same today, these are the people who would be saying that “You can’t force me to turn my lights off!”

Lindsay Hoyle – the Speaker of the House – gave some control of the order paper to MPs last week.

Today, we see that Starmer has swapped supporting the Government in a matter of a national crisis to instead make hay while the sun shines. Nobody likes these restrictions, you see. People are angry that they can’t go out in cold weather to infect each other in pubs and restaurants. Businesses are hurting.

There is no case whatsoever for having a Chamber of self-important morons (and this is demonstrably the case with Momentum-supported Labour candidates and the Tory MPs who replaced talent such as two former Chancellors in the last Parliament, just for starters) who make for excellent lobby-fodder.

This is not a Parliament of honourable men and women. It’s one of opportunism and those who would rather play puerile party politics while the country gets sicker.

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