Liam Rhodes

Social & Marketing

Social & Marketing

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“Liam provides significant pro-bono support through his role as a trustee with the charity from coaching our team on campaigns and marketing as part of our awareness-raising role, to always being responsive to the management team when we need advice on the technical know-how to keep our communication plans moving forward.

Critical to Liam’s board role has been the evolving legislation of GDPR where he is quick to provide challenge, and by accepting responsibility to keep me appraised on maintaining robust channels which remain open that directly benefit our stakeholders who wish to communicate with our blended services.

Liam is passionate about tech, comms and his counsel to myself and the trustee board on the legal framework ensures that the charity makes informed decisions about technology changes, and whilst working alongside the team ensures our communications remain open and of relevance to our stakeholders.”

Kevin Parkinson
Chief Executive Officer, First Steps ED

I have worked for a range of clients in the public, private and third sector.

Advising First Steps ED resulted in an increase of 6,500% reach of Facebook posts and a 2,300% reach in Twitter posts. More crucially, the specifics of this include targeted advertising as opposed to blanket advertising.

With my experience in the third sector and politics, I have demonstrated a capacity to target the right indidivuals at the right time. Specifically, with commissioning Facebook advertising and Twitter strategy, I reached the correct people whilst increasing reach on an expontential basis.

I have also substantially increased reach using newsletter systems in both the third and political sector.

Within the political sphere, I created a newsletter system from the ground-up, tracking clicks, which led to the informing of my employer what constituents did, and did not want, to receive. This led to a streamlined newsletter system, designed to deliver the correct service to the correct individuals.

As for my work with First Steps ED, I used existing email addresses (GDPR-compliant) to shift to a MailChimp platform, allowing the organisation to track what works and what does not.

I also volunteer for Derbyshire Autism Services with social media, which is in its infancy. I am advising on the setting up of a social enterprise with respect to encouraging capable autistic individuals with digital skills which can be utilised for creating jobs for talented individuals with a disability.

I am ready and capable to take on any marketing or social media project that you may have for me, so please get in touch.