Prediction: George Osborne will be the next Mayor of London

Prediction: George Osborne will be the next Mayor of London

l_rhodes March 28, 2017
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As you will know, George Osborne recently took up the editorship of The Evening Standard.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this presents him with an opportunity to achieve two things: To lead the liberal fight within the Conservative Party, and to demonstrate that a metropolitan liberal Tory London Mayor can deliver public services alongside low taxation and an open, tolerant society.

I also believe that this will aid the liberal wing of the Conservative Party to prepare for the inevitable undeliverable promises of the Leave campaign. Additionally, the rise in nationalist politics amongst Western societies will result in an economic slump, rendering those approaches once again discredited.

Those who think that he lacks the charisma are wrong. In fact, Mr Osborne had a broadly consistent positive polling rating throughout the course of his Chancellorship and has worked with body language experts to improve (and sometimes denigrate) his public image. Frankly, by focusing his political interests on London, this will only lead to seizing on potential backing within the city, and his liberal instincts chime with that of much of London.

If you have any sense, you probably won’t place a bet on this taking place, given my two-year failure to accurately predict elections, due to the inherent obsession I had with polling.

May this be the beginning the reemerge of my credibility amongst my peers. It will also result in the asset which I acquired at an auction appreciate in value.

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