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Pausing my political sabbatical – Derby North

Pausing my political sabbatical – Derby North

l_rhodes November 11, 2019
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I’ve been taking a party political sabbatical since March 2017, when I resigned my Conservative Party membership out of concerns which had broadened out to be largely true.

As I made clear in the post at the time, I consider that it’s a duty to former colleagues and indeed a locality that I support them in campaigning.

Amanda Solloway, MP for Derby North between 15-17, has been making a fantastic success of her charity: HeadHigh. She stood up for mental health in Parliament and she continues to do so in Derby. I know that returning Amanda would be the return of a decent one nation, caring Conservative.

It’s a bit more than that though. This election really is one that I wish we were not fighting. Parliament and the government both let us down in the last parliamentary term by blocking Brexit when it was first possible to even now, and the government had continued with plans unwaveringly, reluctant and ruling out a second referendum or a confirmatory ballot.

I believe that was a mistake and I still do.

But here’s a chance to get someone I believe in back into Parliament. Someone whose work in Parliament I followed closely and have had the pleasure of working in the third sector with. Someone who I know can stand up for my values and Derby North.

After all, there is a country to govern. At the start of the summer it became clear that Brexit was inevitable. I fought it a bit. I still do. But here we are, arguing about a result from three years ago. Within those three years, we’ve seen little in terms of anything else and no real heat at the heart of government. We need a return to that and Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party is not the answer.

Corbyn asks the wrong questions of the wrong people. Rather than asking the public what they want, he instead speaks to his mates and Seamus Milne, who all agree with him that nationalising everything that moves is a good idea. He doesn’t ask “how can we improve your lives?” He just assumes he knows the answers.

Conservatives don’t presume to know anything about you; in fact, that’s kind of the liberal/Conservative thing: I know that you know what’s best for you, too. And I suspect you agree with me that it’s not higher taxes, it’s not taxing you for others to catch trains, and it’s not voting for someone who’s presided over Labour getting to the point where it has to be investigated by the ICHR for anti-Semitism. And on that final note, after Chris Williamson was suspended by the Labour Party for being filmed aggravated that “the party has been apologising for too long on anti-Semitism”, he himself is standing as an independent candidate in the constituency. I don’t really want to ignore the chance of fighting that awful type of politics either.

I will be campaigning for Amanda during this general election and would encourage anyone else who reads this and would like to get involved to contact me in the first instance.

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