On the psychology of being wrong

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3 thoughts on “On the psychology of being wrong

  • A considered and well written piece. I wouldn’t be so forgiving of arrogance. It is a fault in which I a somewhat a master. I think your analysis of u-tuns is accurate but I think most eople detest the lack of an ability to apologise more than the chamge of mind. It would, at least, appease many.

    There is an evolutionary purpose to believing you are right and asserting as much. It is all part of the creation of dominance heiratchies and we are, pehaps, misguided if we forget that ae are animals first and humans second.

    I have a t-shirt which might perfectly suit the occasion. It reads, I majored in psychology. To save time, let’s just assume I am right.

    • I love your response, Kevin, and is precisely what I expected of my clever, entertaining and immovable former lecturer.

      Thanks for your kind words and highlighting the genetics perspective.

  • There’s excellent examples of cognitive dissonance being used in religion, (probably it’s most resolute version) in Dawkins’ “The God Delusion.” Also good examples of the favourite “fixer” of hard ideas, circular reinforcement.

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