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A jargon-free zone for digital marketing, web development and strategic consulting

  • Web development – either redesign or complete build;
  • Creating incredible and amazing content for websites;
  • Self or guarantee-provided eCommerce, newsletters, bookings software, customer relationship management and other software
  • Full marketing plan to be developed in line with your business objectives;
  • Social media marketing management and training; and
  • Google AdWords/SEO management and training

IT, marketing and social media across industries

During my career to date, since starting a business at the age of 15, I’ve gone on to work in politics, working for Nigel Mills MP as his researcher for five years. Between these roles, I worked as a marketing assistant at a Ripley IT company.

In March 2017, I was asked to become a trustee for First Steps ED for Online Communications. This has seen me employ my skills across all sectors, so when I say I understand your business, the chances are I’ve worked in your sector or have worked with someone close to it.

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Bread and butter

Web development and redevelopment is a service my clients often ask me for. I then go on to arrange specialist services for them from then on.

Getting out there…

It’s often been said that marketing is now Google and social. Whilst this isn’t 100% true, if you’ve never heard of Google AdWords or haven’t ever posted a Facebook ad, you might be risking losing business.

About me

I understand that it’s important to know who you’re working with, so here’s a bit about me.

“Liam provided me with a website which responds to the needs of my constituents. His work meant that visitors can select their priorities and that, when people return, the website shows the content that they are most interested in.

His work in social media, events management and the constant maintenance of my website meant that I was able to reach a large number of my constituents on a regular basis. This helped keep my constituents abreast of developments, and still does.

I regularly sought Liam’s counsel not only on policy affairs but also web matters during his employment with me between 2010-15. I have no doubt that this was a pivotal factor in my re-election.

I would recommend Liam’s services to anyone.

Nigel Mills MP
Member for Amber Valley

Judge me on my record…

which is always gowing

Years of experience
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Managed Services

The clients I speak with often say that they’d love to run social media ads, paid Google Ads, to send newsletters and to create a fully-fledged marketing plan. Whether it’s lack of a staff resource or lack of understanding within the business, I’m here to address that.

With me, you are not paying for a full-time member of staff; instead, you pay a fixed monthly fee or a retainer and you can use me when you need me. You can do this safe in the knowledge that I know a great deal about both your business and what does, and doesn’t work, in online communications.