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Helping people to take the first step towards recovery from eating disorders

I am delighted to say that I’ve accepted an appointment as a Trustee for First Steps Derbyshire which is a charity that helps prevent eating disorders in young people by early intervention and education, and to help those who suffer from them recover.

Eating disorders are an incredibly tough trial to go through, knowing numerous people affected by them at some point in their lives. The problem with these disorders is, unlike many other mental health problems, recovery can oftentimes be seen as the opposite, and the triggers become so great that the disorder grows larger and larger. It’s only through psychosocial intervention (including friends and family), and by getting people help, that those affected have any hope of recovery.

The fantastic staff at the charity support service users by offering a range of services, including one-to-one counselling, befriending services, Skype sessions, group therapy and a range of other positive solutions.

The charity works with local stakeholders, including my employer (The University of Nottingham), to help as many people as they can, and it’s work that I would love to get involved in.

Using skills I obtained in previous employment, I’ll be helping First Steps in a voluntary capacity with their communications and marketing strategy. I will be donating as much time as I feasibly can to their great work.

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