Author: Liam Rhodes

Cummings and Johnson: The beginning of the end of the Conservative Party

Dominic Cummings is often credited as being an excellent tactician when it comes to delivering campaigns. He did, after all, deliver a near-impossible victory for Leave. We can speculate endlessly about the use of social media and how this was, in my view, at least, a disgusting bending of the rules of politics which should […]

The scales have been dumped: It’s time to accept that the NHS has refocused its diagnosis of disordered eating

Today marks my last day as Trustee for Online Communications for First Steps ED, the East Midlands’ only – and expanding – eating disorders charity. My resignation becomes effective at the end of tomorrow’s AGM. I am proud of what I’ve achieved there since April 2007: Traffic to the website has increased by 9,000%; our Facebook […]

I’m still a Remainer, but I’m sick of this. The only thing that will resolve the Brexit impasse is a General Election

I never thought that I’d right this blog post: I’ve been constantly calling for a rethink on Brexit for a succession of years. The principal reason for this being is that I believe the electorate, presented with binary options which offered no direction, were not informed enough. We know that the two Leave campaigns both […]

I’m finished with the horror show of UK politics; on to international relations

“When passion meets inspiration, an obsession is born.” – Anonymous It’s taken me a while to get around to writing this post, because it isn’t one that I thought I’d ever write. I could never imagine myself being one of those people who either actively or passively “don’t care” about UK politics. I’ve always viewed […]

It pains me to say, but the Tories deserve a period of opposition

  “The Conservative Party mustn’t sound like the old man on the park bench who says things were better in 1985, or 1955, or 1855. – George Osborne “Before I talk about that new government, let me say something about the one that has just passed. Compared with a decade ago, this country is more […]